Pricing + Services


Please keep in mind that not all items need to be made from scratch or new material, I enjoy repurposing older clothing material too! I like to call it: Once Made But Twice Used- Repurposed Denim.


*Shipping prices vary for those outside of the Indianapolis area.

Late Fees

30 minutes: $10 charge

45 minutes: $20 charge

1 hour: $30 charge

1+ hour: $45 charge


Deposit: $65

Price range: $125+



Deposit: $50

Price range: $75+

Rush Charge

1-2 day in advance: $25

3-4 days in advance: $45

5-6 days in advance: $55

7+ days in advance: price varies on product


Deposit: $65-$88

Vest price range: $125+

Jacket price range: $175+


Deposit: $65

Price range: $90+


New Piece Idea

Not seeing what you're looking for? Let's set a consultation and see what I can offer and the potential price range.